Enabling business transformation Enterprise applications are the fulcrum of the IT set up in an organization; they are key process enablers vital for business operations. As enterprises embark on their transformation journeys, a reliable IT application backbone becomes essential to manage the requirements of an ever-evolving business.
Fstone Technologies Application Services Practice (EAS) proactively assists organizations in their business transformation initiatives. EAS enables your enterprise to manage its value chain across the broad areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).consulting services.
In an ever-increasing competitive scenario, organizations continuously seek a greater harmonization between the business processes and technologies for achievement of high performance. Business Process Management (BPM) practice at VUI provides the ability for organizations to innovate with processes, without the cost of re-engineering or adding more layers to the technology stock. BPM helps organizations optimize, automate and manage business processes through design, automation and manage business processes.
Our Consultants with their combination of BPM knowledge, skills, approaches, assets and tools have helped our customers develop scalable, efficient and agile business processes to deliver immediate and long-lasting value. VUI consultants have helped and continue to help our customers deal with change successfully while developing and operating scalable, efficient and agile business processes to create both immediate and long-term competitive advantage.
Services We Offer To help you transition to a more effective, more innovative infrastructure, choose from the following services:
• Enterprise Computing
• Infrastructure Security
• Network & Convergence
• Workplace Services
• IT Management Consulting